Microsoft’s Push For Windows Phone Development Pays Off, 3K Apps From 15K Developers On The Way

A major issue behind Microsoft’s new Windows Phone push — or the introduction of any new mobile OS for that matter– is driving interest in the mobile development community surrounding it.  Microsoft recently announced that developer interest is surprisingly strong, promising thousands of apps by the time the new devices are widely available.

In a blog post to Windows Phone Developers, Microsoft’s Todd Brix said that their Marketplace will have 3,000 apps by the end of the week, made by more than 15,000 developers promising they’ll make apps for the new platform.  While a promise doesn’t always translate into actual, usable apps, the company has indeed gone to great lengths to ensure its platform is competitive in a world filled with iOS and Android devices — even offering huge bonuses to developers promising to develop on the platform long-term.

It’s a long road ahead for Microsoft, especially since they’re effectively starting from scratch once again.  Whether developers will flock to the platform will depend on consumer interest in the devices and the platform itself.  Though devices have only been available for a couple weeks, there hasn’t exactly been a mad rush of consumers clamoring for a Windows Phone.  It’s still too early to tell, but the next several months should be more than interesting for Microsoft’s newly refreshed mobile division.