Microsoft, Vivoom Collaborate on Mobile-First User-Generated Marketing Strategy

vivoom-1Vivoom, a mobile media company, has just forged a new user-generated marketing alliance with Microsoft.

The partnership, we’re told, will encourage the creation and distribution of branded, consumer-created content.

With Vivoom, Microsoft’s audience will be able to easily create and share mobile videos with brand filters and custom calls-to-action added automatically.

Also, we’re told, with Vivoom’s platform, Microsoft will have the ability to flag and remove any off-brand or inappropriate content instantly, regardless of where it was shared, and to republish the best content across the company’s own marketing and social channels.

Microsoft will be taking the lead on a new trend in user-generated marketing, leapfrogging other tech giants by embracing the medium that is taking the digital world by storm. Brand filters are exploding as a fun and authentic way for consumers to connect with their favorite brands but, until now, have been isolated to specific social networks. With Vivoom, Microsoft can offer this capability to its consumers where they are already spending time, through its apps, its mobile web site and across numerous social channels.

“Microsoft has dozens of compelling applications and platforms, a huge social reach and a massive web audience,” said Katherine Hays, founder and CEO of Vivoom. “Through this relationship with Vivoom, Microsoft will be able to enlist consumers to create and share authentic, brand‑safe videos with friends and followers across any of their social channels. The first campaign will enable the promotion of Microsoft Office with a brand filter automatically added to their videos. Microsoft will retain the rights to the content so it can celebrate and amplify the great videos that are created while using our platform to remove any off-brand content.”