Microsoft to ‘Clean House’ Inside App Marketplace

This week, Todd Brix, Senior Director for Windows Marketplace at Microsoft, posted a long declaration on the official Windows Blog. The vow made by Brix and his team involves an ongoing effort by the software and mobile giant to clean up its cluttered Windows Phone Marketplace.

“Today I’ll outline the latest steps we’re taking in our ongoing effort to keep the quality bar high in our rapidly growing Marketplace,” Brix writes. “I know most of you share our goal of a great shopping experience and already go out of your way to follow our policies and guidance. For others, I hope this insight into a few near-term changes we’re putting in place helps save you time and reduces your risk of having apps pulled from the Marketplace.”

According to Brix, the efforts underway are aimed at: (1) Avoiding trademark trouble (2) Keeping the quality bar high (3) Cleaning up keywords (4) Refining our approach to content policy enforcement.

A big part of the clean up process, he writes, will involve removing sexually explicit or suggestive content that doesn’t fit the Windows community standards.

“Apps that don’t fit our standard will need to be updated to remain in the store… This is about presenting the right content to the right customer and ensuring that apps meet our standards. We will also monitor customer reaction to apps and reserve the right to remove ones that our customers find offensive.”

“We’re committed to our developer community and appreciate your feedback on how we can make Marketplace better for you and your customers,” Brix concludes.