Microsoft to Aggressively Expand Outlook and Powerpoint Apps

According to the latest rumor mill output, Microsoft is allegedly preparing an iOS version of its Microsoft Office suite of apps.

On Tuesday, 9to5 Mac reported that all the clues are mounting to suggest that Microsoft is about to make a bold move into Apple territory.

In addition to evidence from last spring, which suggested that the software in question has already been demoed to a source speaking with the media, new hints have surfaced to imply that the long-awaited Office apps may finally be coming to the iDevice family.

“Another hint that Microsoft could have iOS apps in the works comes from a set of job listings posted earlier this month,” the report reads. “It looked for a software engineer on the Outlook Test team to work on “Microsoft’s next move on the Mac and on iOS.” Another was on the Powerpoint Test team.”

According to the report, the  job listing was pretty blunt, as it seeks a person to “test Outlook/Powerpoint on Mac and iOS.”

Would you be excited to see Microsoft push its Office suite deep into iOS territory? Please weigh in with a thought or comment below.