Microsoft Surface Pro Launch Set for Saturday

In a matter of hours, the Surface Pro tablet from Microsoft will be on sale.

While consumers gain another quality selection from which to choose in the increasingly competitive tablet market, Microsoft is gaining a valuable look at the future of its own company and the new war it will have to wage for quite some time with the likes of iOS and Android – the two dominant titans of tablets.

Unfortunately for Microsoft, it isn’t coming to battle with any real price advantage. The RT model with Microsoft Office starts at $499. If you want the new Pro (without Microsoft Office), the starting price is $899.

The Pro delivers a beautiful 1,920×1,080 display, which some have raved about in advance of the device’s launch. With 64GB and 128GB versions to choose from, casual tablet owners and serious professionals alike have choices that will suit their needs.

The real question, however, is whether or not Microsoft can win the minds of tablet fans whose hearts are already somewhere else – primarily, with the iPad.

According to NBC News Tech/Science editor Wilson Rothman, the Surface Pro is up to the challenge.

“The Surface Pro is the first time I’ve seen anything that could technically be a match for both an iPad and a MacBook Air (or PC ultra-book).” he says.

Matthew Miller for The Mobile Gadgeteer agrees.

“There are a number of Windows 8 laptop and tablet options, but I haven’t seen any that are as light, well designed, and compelling to me as the Surface Pro,” Miller writes. “I want a super portable computer that is well designed and does not limit me from doing what I need to do when the occasion arises and I believe the Microsoft Surface Pro is that computer.”

Are you among those looking forward to the Surface Pro? What’s more, do you plan to actually purchase one? Please weigh in with your plans or expectations below.