Microsoft Says Games Drive Bulk of Windows Phone Store App Revenue

According to a new revelation on Windows Phone Developer Blog, games are responsible for driving a majority of Windows Phone Store app revenues today.

Windows Phone customers enjoy gaming with over one-third of all app downloads and 60% of Windows Phone Store revenue originating from games. In fact, almost half of the top 50 Windows Phone developers create games for the platform.

This week, the Windows crew is at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco showing developers “how fast and efficient” it is to port their existing games to Windows Phone.

At GDC, Unity announced the Unity 4 open beta for Windows Phone 8.

Open to all developers, the beta program represents an opportunity to try the new tools, provide feedback, and begin Windows Phone 8 game development.

Unity is already showing off a few popular titles built on the new platform and available in the Windows Phone Store today, Microsoft says.

All told, it was one of many promising new announcements from the Windows team and their partners. To learn more about the partnerships and projects in the works, click here.