Microsoft Says Bing Deals Are a Big Deal for Bargain-Hunting Mobile Customers

In an effort that aims to bring the best local shopping offers directly to mobile customers, Microsoft has raised the curtain on Bing deals, a venture poised to give consumers access to more than 200,000 offers across 14,000 US-based locations.

According to a post on the official Bing Community Blog, Bing deals assembles leading offers from Groupon, Living Social and (just to name a few), “making it easier to discover, share and search for the best deals in your area – all from one place.”

Instead of creating our own program, we’ve partnered with The Dealmap to launch Bing deals. Bing’s mission is to help you cut through the clutter of the Web to make decisions more quickly – whether that’s through our own innovations or by teaming up with industry experts.

Andy Chu, Director of Product Management fir Bing, says the Dealmap is a leading source for people to find and share the best local deals, “so naturally it made sense for us to team up with them to bring you the best experience.”

In addition to the obvious value in location-specific information, Bing deals also makes it possible for users to filter results based on categories or keywords. Offers can be even saved or shared with friends.

The Bing Team says that Bing deals is optimized for the desktop in addition to Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android mobile operating systems. Ironically, the service is not yet available for Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7, although we’re told it coming.