Microsoft Says a New Day in Smartphones is Coming

On Wednesday, Microsoft is  expected to raise the curtain on its long awaited smartphone revelation with the Windows Phone 8.

On the heels of Microsoft publicly unveiling the Surface tablet, which some industry analysts have aptly dubbed the first real challenger to the iPad’s market dominance, it’s only fitting that a significant smartphone challenge to iOS and Android is right around the corner from Microsoft as well.

The company will likely to show off the next-generation Windows Phone 8 today, as Microsoft’s two-day long developer summit in San Francisco gets underway.

“Windows Phone 8, code-named Apollo, should headline the agenda,” says CNET‘s Jessica Dolcourt. “Microsoft has all but announced that future iterations of Windows Phone OS will support multicore processors, a hardware consideration that requires software on their end to function efficiently. However, getting developers to code for multi-threaded processing is also key. We should expect for multicore processor support to become official.”

MMW will keep you posted on further developments as the conference begins today in earnest.