Microsoft Releases Update for Windows Phone 7.8 SDK

Microsoft has just released its Windows Phone SDK update for Windows Phone 7.8.

The optional update adds two new Windows Phone 7.8 emulator images to your existing SDK installation.

“These two emulator images,” writes Cliff Simpkins on the Windows Phone Developer Blog, “should enable you to fully test how your Windows Phone 7.5 app’s Live Tiles will look and behave when they are run on a device running Windows Phone 7.8.”

According to the announcement, the Windows Phone SDK update delivers the following capabilities:

  • Windows Phone 7.8 emulator: This OS image emulates your app running on a 512-MB device running Windows Phone 7.8 (build 8858)
  • Windows Phone 7.8 256MB emulator: This OS image emulates Windows Phone 7.8 (build 8858) running on a 256-MB device
  • If you’re running a Windows Phone SDK 7.1 installation, the update will also download and install the Windows Phone SDK 7.1.1 update onto your machine as part of the update (again, only applicable to Windows Phone SDK 7.1 installations)

“New phones with Windows Phone 7.8 are beginning to ship,” explains Simpkins, “so it’s a great time to update your apps to take advantage of the new Live Tile experience and to reach the new markets that Windows Phone 7.8 makes available.”

To read the full blog post from Windows, click here.