Microsoft Readies PR Push for Windows Phone

Microsoft has leaked what’s being called the first “teaser video” for the company’s upcoming Windows Phone 7.

On Friday, Microsoft unveiled a brief video ad that, rather than be broadcast on television, was displayed during a “secret-cinema” showing in London.

However, instead of showing off the new device’s myriad bells and whistles, the makers of the ad spoofed the famous opening sequence of the classic film “Lawrence of Arabia” to hype that the “revolution” is coming.

Initially, many believed that the ad, which has since turned up on the official Windows Phone UK YouTube channel, was not actually produced by Microsoft, given its grainy, somewhat low-budget look and feel. But, alas, the ad really is a product of Microsoft. And it’s merely a glimpse at what lies ahead for the tech giant in terms of a mega-promotional push.

With the release of the Windows Phone 7 quickly approaching, there are reports suggesting that Microsoft may spend upwards of one-half billion on marketing efforts for the product, which will square off against the likes of Apple’s iPhone 4 in a very competitive and rapidly expanding smartphone marketplace.