Microsoft Helping Enterprises Go Mobile-First

Microsoft Helping Enterprises Go Mobile-FirstThis week at TechEd North America 2014, Microsoft announced new services, products and partnerships that aim to “remove the barriers to cloud adoption for IT professionals, developers and technology users.”

“Mobility and cloud are the future of business, and the future is now,” said Brad Anderson, corporate vice president of Microsoft’s Cloud & Enterprise Division. “Our differentiated cloud innovations, comprehensive mobile productivity solutions and developer tools help all of our customers realize the true potential of the cloud era.”

According to Gartner, “nearly half of large enterprises will likely have hybrid cloud deployments by the end of 2017.”

Delivering on its commitment to offer the best of both worlds, Microsoft had a number of things to share with us on Monday, including:

  • Private connections to the cloud. Available Monday, Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute enables customers to create private connections between Azure and on-premises environments. Through alliances with providers such as AT&T, BT, Equinix, Level 3, SingTel, TelecityGroup, Verizon and Zadara Storage, ExpressRoute offers enterprises new options for embracing the cloud, including fast speeds, security and reliability features, and low latency.
  • Radically simplified cloud storage. Available in preview, Microsoft Azure Files streamlines cloud storage by enabling a single file share from multiple virtual machines, helping save customers time and money.
  • Enterprise-grade performance and networking. Microsoft also announced the availability of compute-intensive virtual machine sizes, in-region and cross-region virtual networking connections, and reserved IP addresses. Together, these advancements help customers architect, deploy and manage global-scale services.
  • API management. Available in preview Monday, Azure API Management lets customers improve interdepartmental information sharing and create new business models by exposing APIs through the cloud.

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