Microsoft Draws Positive Reviews to Bing App for iPad

Microsoft has rolled out the red carpet on a brand new version of its popular Bing search engine app, this one made especially for Apple’s revolutionary iPad tablet computer.

With the established goal of helping users stop searching and start deciding, Microsoft says the new Bing app represents the company’s dedication to constantly exploring new ways to optimize Bing to ensure users are “getting the most from your search experience.”

Available for free download through the Apple App store, Microsoft says Bing for iPad goes beyond the traditional search experience, offering a unique and visually rich way to search the Web.

The app is designed from the ground up for touch. You can quickly browse news, movies, Bing homepage images, local business listings and much more – all with the swipe of your finger.

In addition to touch-ups designed to make the app more “beautiful and functional,” focus was particularly heavy on making search easier. With Bing’s Voice Search, you needn’t do more than simply say what it is that you’re searching for and Bing will find it.

Also embellishing the search capacity is Bing’s autosuggest feature, which helps users refine their searches by providing suggestions based on recent searches and related searches done by other people. Keeping relevance at the forefront of search, when you’re searching for a popular topic, “Bing provides the most relevant answer up top, complete with quick links to help you complete your task faster.”

To learn about Bing for the iPad, check out Microsoft’s official unveiling on the Bing Community Blog.