Microsoft Does ‘Mobile’ Marketing on Apple Turf

Suspicious ads are beginning to turn up for Microsoft’s forthcoming Slate tablet in peculiar locations around Chicago, where Apple has a thriving presence in the realm of retail

“Two weeks before Microsoft finally announced a launch date for its anticipated Surface tablets,” says Yoni Heisler of iOnApple, “I happened to be riding the bus when I came across a particularly bizarre advertisement for Microsoft’s upcoming tablets on the side wall of a car wash.”

“Sure enough,” Heisler says, “this wasn’t some amateur tech-nerd’s version of graffiti, it appears to be some bonafide Microsoft guerrilla style marketing.”

It now appears certain that Apple is being met with an aggressive ‘mobile’ marketing campaign from its rivals at Microsoft. Ads that can be viewed from the street by passersby could be influenced by the colorful, striking ads.

For now, neither Microsoft or Apple will comment on the ad campaign in question. Do you think Microsoft’s efforts will be successful? Please weigh in with a thought or comment below.