Microsoft Debuts Mobile Advertising SDK For Windows Phone 7 Apps

Microsoft has announced its mobile advertising SDK for Windows Phone 7 apps, as well as its new “Advertising Exchange for Mobile,” signaling the company’s major push for its new mobile platform and monetization efforts.

The capabilities of the new SDK include Demographic, Category, Carrier and Location targeting; Text and Image Units; Click to Call and Click to Web ad actions and robust reporting on in-app ad revenue, ad inventory, clicks, CPM and sell thru rate.  The new real-time, bidded mobile ad exchange enables multiple ad networks to bid on mobile inventory at the exact moment when an impression is served, increasing yield and reducing waste.

In addition to Microsoft’s own sales force and adCenter ad marketplace, several third party mobile ad networks, including Millennial Media, WHERE, InMobi and MobClix are working closely with Microsoft at the moment to complete their technical integration to be able to participate in the exchange by the consumer launch of Windows Phone 7.

“Microsoft is a great partner and we are proud to participate in the Microsoft Advertising Exchange program for Windows Phone developers. We look forward to supporting Windows Phone 7 through this and other programs,” said Chris Brandenburg, EVP and Chief Technology Officer, Millennial Media.

Microsoft has changed its approach significantly from past mobile efforts and seems to understand their position in the market at the moment.  With heavy emphasis on app-based monetization for its developers, they’re fostering the right audience.  Microsoft will need significant developer-interest in Windows Phone 7 to make it a success, and it seems like they’re on the right track.