Michigan Looks to Grow Mobile Tech and Mobile Marketing Jobs

Michigan, a state arguably hit hardest by the 2008 economic collapse, is looking to the future of mobile to lay the groundwork for new industries and the jobs that would accompany them.

Despite a low – if not largely ignored – profile, Michigan’s mobile technology industry has been plugging away at achieving significant growth during the last few years. Although Michigan is far from being alone among states developing a burgeoning awareness of the raw entrepreneurial power packed by the promise of mobile, the Wolverine State is aggressively stepping up to the plate and looking to rapidly hasten the growth of Michigan’s mobile industries.

Formed as a non-profit trade association for Michigan’s mobile technology industry, the Mobile Technology Association of Michigan has recently emerged with the stated goal to focus on “synergy and collaboration to insure continued growth of the industry and the career opportunities it provides.”

Founded by Linda Daichendt, CEO of Strategic Growth Concepts and Co-founder of Mobile Monday Michigan, the MTAM vows to “work with local, regional, national and global mobile industry members to facilitate our mission of growing the mobile industry within the State of Michigan, thereby generating increased entrepreneurial opportunities in the mobile space and creating sustainable jobs.”

As of June 2010, the MTAM reports, more than 4600 Michigan residents were employed in the state by the carriers providing wireless service in the state. Thousands more, however, are employed in mobile app and website development, mobile marketing, cell tower installation, and mobile technology management.

For more information, check out the MTAM’s official website.