Michael Jordan, LeBron James eBook Ignites Controversial Debate

Michael Jordan, LeBron James eBook Ignites Controversial DebateThe mobile world is providing the battleground for one of the biggest debates in all of sports today.

“Debating Destiny: Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James” is touted as the first book of its kind to comprehensively tackle the ultimate unanswered question among today’s basketball fans: who is the greatest of all time?

“Before he even landed in the NBA LeBron James was already being compared to Michael Jordan,” says author and veteran sports columnist Mike Albert. “But who is the real king of the court?”

One of the problems that LeBron James faces is that his every play is under microscope, Albert asserts, and any mistakes will get people to nod their heads knowingly as if to say that Michael Jordan would never have made that mistake.
“The comparisons will continue to happen and there is nothing that LeBron James can do to stop it because he is and will continue to be playing against Michael Jordan, even though Jordan is no longer playing the game,” Albert says.  “James has a lot of responsibility on his shoulders, not only is he playing against another team but he is constantly chasing Jordan’s accomplishments at the same time so in some ways, that might be more pressure than the games that he is playing.”

Featuring a wealth of insight, analysis, and expert observations from both current and former NBA greats, this provacative work draws some conclusions that many fans may not appreciate.

“I know for sure that half of those who read the book will like it,” Albert jokes. “It isn’t easy determining who the best really is, but I think it’s ultimately clear. And we present that argument here in compelling fashion, I think.”

One thing, the publisher admits, is beyond debate. As “His Airness” and “King James” face off for the first time in a detailed and unbiased analysis, this new bestselling eBook is poised to intensify this great debate between fans before settling it.

“Debating Destiny: Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James” is available now on Amazon for $4.95.