mHealth News: What You Need to Know

mhealth news what you need to knowHere are some of the top stories in healthcare, telemedicine, and mobile health that our sister site mHealthWatch has been monitoring this past week.

mHealth Market Headed for $33.7 Billion
According to Kalorama Information, the global mobile health market will reach $33.7 billion by the end of this year, perpetuating the massive growth of the mHealth market that has been witnessed in recent years.

University of Washington: Some of The Most Popular Mobile Healthcare Apps Are Not Easy For Blind Smartphone Users to Access
In March of 2014, a group of researchers at the University of Washington evaluated 9 of the most popular mobile health apps to see if they were compatible with programs such as iPhone’s VoiceOver. They found that all 9 apps were not, meaning that blind users cannot currently benefit from such apps.

ZibdyHealth Unveils New Way to Safely Consolidate, Manage Health Records
mHealthWatch was briefed this week by the team at Zibdy, Inc. on the launch of their secure and free DIY tool within ZibdyHealth application. The resource in question makes it possible for users to consolidate medical records using Microsoft Azure.

Following The Overwhelming Success Of Diabetes Helper, HelpAround, Inc. Launches New App ‘Alert’
Alert is a new app by HelpAround, Inc. designed to provide those who struggle with chronic health conditions emergency access to help when it is needed most. The app is compatible with Apple iOS HealthKit, and designed to send instant alerts regarding blood glucose. Unlike their first app Diabetes Helpers, Alert is designed for a wider range of health concerns.

Dell’s Ongoing Commitment To Healthcare Technology Leads to a New Chief Medical Officer
Dell Services has long been committed to the goal of improving healthcare by use of information technology. It is for this reason that Dell has a Healthcare & Life Sciences (HCLS) division lead by Vice President and Global General Manager Sid Nair.

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