mHealth News: What You Need to Know

mHealth News What You Need to KnowHere are some of the top stories in healthcare, telemedicine, and mobile health that our sister site mHealthWatch has been monitoring this past week.

SMS Technology Helping to Improve Patient Care and Retention
Currently, no-shows for scheduled medical care cost the healthcare industry over $150 billion each year. On top of that, there are always areas of opportunity when it comes to ongoing patient and physician communication. That’s where the latest offering in the healthcare space comes into play.

2015 mHealth Summit Theme Will Be ‘Anytime, Anywhere: Engaging Providers and Patients’
This year’s mHealth Summit theme has been announced as “Anytime, Anywhere: Engaging Providers and Patients.”

The Need For Well-Designed And Tested Insulin Apps Is Still Alive And Well
While you can head online and find close to 50 paid apps designed to determine proper dosing for insulin, a recent study by Global eHealth Unit at the Imperial College London has found that the vast majority of these apps fall short. In fact, many of these apps were developed during the app boom, and have not been updated in years.

Telemedicine Moves in to Nursing Homes
Welcome to the world of the nursing home — a part-time or permanent residence for many elderly people, and a place to care for the sick when loved ones can’t anymore. Of course, the one question that many loved ones face when putting their family members into a home, is how good will the care be that my loved one receives in the nursing home?

American Telemedicine Association Awards Its Second Accreditation To HealthLinkNow
The American Telemedicine Association‘s newest program has only been around for five months, but with the rapid growth of telemedicine, their accreditation has already become a highly sought-after accolade that over 300 organizations are pursuing.

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