Metro Station Goes Mobile

The Knitting Factory in Los Angeles is partnering with Mozes to launch the first West Coast installment of the “Music-to-Go” concert series, featuring Columbia Records’ Metro Station, on January 21.

Details about the exclusive show, along with free streaming music and video playlists from Metro Station, are available now on the social music service imeem ( According to the announcement, mobile tickets to the free concert will be offered exclusively to members of Metro Station’s mob (which is their mobile fan club) and to select music and cultural “influencers” in the LA area. Mozes has set up the phone number 310-341-4437 for fans to receive a mobile ticket directly to their phones.

This works out great because no paper tickets will be issued. Only the power of mobile can make possible a huge concert for a huge act with no paper tickets available. In 2008, “Shake It” was the first Metro Station record to break into the Top 10 of the U.S. Hot 100 chart, and was the band’s first single to reach the Top 5 on America’s Top 40 pop radio charts.