Metro Directories Teams with Boomdash

Just in time for Thanksgiving, another mobile partnership is giving businesses something to be thankful for.

Boomdash, a specialist in packaging local search engine and mobile marketing for small and mid-sized businesses, announced today its partnership with Metro Directories, a leading yellow pages publisher in the Greater Atlanta area.

The partnership will enable Metro’s advertisers to find new customers online and profit from the local search boom, delivered by local Internet search and mobile phone offers.

With the yellow pages dying off faster than anyone realizes, advertisers in local telephone directories are demanding access to new media advertising opportunities. Meeting this demand can be time-consuming and costly. Boomdash offers publishers a “simple, low-cost turnkey solution” to provide what the advertisers want most-to be found by their customers when they search on the Internet.

Boomdash Reach enables local businesses to create, publish and manage expert online ads with major Internet Search Engine service providers, like Google, that is based on an affordable monthly budget. Additionally, Boomdash Reach includes a proprietary ad optimization tool that monitors performance and automatically makes adjustments to the ad, delivering a more effective marketing campaign.