Merkle Makes Headlines with ‘Innovation Cloud’

Merkle, a leading technology-enabled, data-driven performance marketing agency, confirmed to MMW this week its launch of the Merkle Innovation Cloud (MIC).

MIC is touted as being a solution that tests the integration of marketing technologies with people-based data in driving precise, personalized customer experiences.

“In advance of implementing a technology integration, MIC reveals proof of concepts in a lab environment, to show what the results would look like post-execution,” reads a provided statement. This allows for companies to see the prototype results of their customized integration model before the full investment and deployment is underway, eliminating the risk of an uncertain change initiative.

MIC, powered by Merkle’s data and analytics solutions, builds the ultimate digital foundation, allowing for testable, real-time use cases that closely represent the ideal current- and future-state environment for creating personalized and meaningful brand interactions.

“Integrating marketing technologies can leave marketers feeling stuck. There is often trepidation about investing in an integration project when they can’t see and experience what the intended outcome will actually look like with respect to their unique online and offline programs,” said Ted Stites, senior vice president of digital channel optimization at Merkle. “We’ve addressed that challenge with the Merkle Innovation Cloud, by proving what’s possible and enabling marketers to move quickly to deliver personal, cross-channel experiences.”