Merch Informer Touts Major Update for Amazon’s T-Shirt Creators

Last October, MMW featured an exclusive interview with Neil Lassen, one of the most innovative and intelligent entrepreneurs we’ve encountered.

We first heard of Neil after CNBC shared his success story as a marketer and content creator who rose to fame and financial success in the world of POD tshirts through Merch By Amazon (MBA), a mammoth print-on-demand tshirt platform launched in the fall of 2015 by the world’s foremost online retailer.

After achieving staggering success in his own right as a seller, Neil shifted his focus to creating a platform to help other sellers optimizing sales and mine opportunities. As a result, Neil is now responsible for creating what many MBA sellers deem the most indispensable tool in all of POD merchandise selling — Merch Informer.

“Merch Informer takes the exact process of what I did to find niches/shirt ideas that were selling and drastically cuts down on the amount of time it was taking,” Neil told us last year. “Originally my business partner and I were doing all the research by hand. We both run different internet businesses and Merch started to take up too much time. Since Merch by Amazon was bringing us great money, we did not want to give up on it and set off to simplify the process. I currently have multiple designers working for me, so Merch Informer both helps with research, as well as organizing your ideas to quickly send them to people working for you.”

This week, MMW learned that Merch Informer is rolling out a number of critically important updates (and we’re told this is the last month where the service will be available for just $$9.99 a month – it’s about to double).

As for the new attributes of the platform, they couldn’t be more important to sellers.

“Today, we are happy to announce we have released the Merch Hunter module which is a recreation of the Merch by Amazon shirt database,” reads a company email to the platform’s users. “Why is this important? Top 100-1000 selling Merch shirts in order by BSR are now available at the click of a button without the need to use any keys at all! (Other modules in Merch Informer still require setup).”

We’re told that Merch Hunter also allows you to search by sales rank from 1-100k BSR and 100k and above via keywords to pull back ordered lists of the best-selling Merch shirts (Each shirt in the Merch Hunter will have historical BSR and price data so you can see the EXACT trajectory it took to get into the higher BSR ranks, the announcement goes on to note).

“Second, we have released the Merch Tracker. This will allow you to track up to 50 ASINs displaying historical sales rank and price every day,” the message continues, adding that you can also track keyword positions with the Merch Tracker.

Lastly, the company also updated its keyword tool to include up to 4X more results.

“We are excited to release the last couple of tools that will help you expand your Merch business!” the announcement concludes. “The release of these 3 updates marks the end of Merch Informer Beta. If you are not already subscribed, make sure you get started to lock in your savings as pricing will be increasing at the end of the month.”

To do exactly that, click here.