Meet The New Flip Book Maker for Mobile Marketing and HTML5 Mobile Publishing

idgMobissue recently announced the launch of its new flip book maker to aid the creation of mobile-friendly flip books.

“Digital marketing remains the most efficient advertising strategy and businesses need to harness the inherent benefits of being on the internet,” the makers of the tech assert.

With the majority of internet users assessing the platform on their mobile devices, thanks to the advent of smart devices, businesses looking to profit from the massive human traffic on the internet, need to create captivating and rich content that can be easily and efficiently accessed on the go with mobile devices.

“Mobissue’s flip book maker is created with the aim of providing interactive, rich and engaging mobile experiences without having to break the bank or even being an expert in graphics or digital publishing,” says the Chinese based maker of the offering.

To learn more, check out Mobissue here.