MeeGo Handsets Confirmed to Run Android Apps

There are some jolly folks at Jolla today, the Finnish mobile startup looking to bring Nokia’s forsaken MeeGo software platform back to life.

According to a report Monday based on sources speaking with Gigaom, there’s one aspect of this emerging business model that can now be answered.

Forthcoming smartphones based on Nokia’s MeeGo smartphone platform will be designed to run Android apps.

More specifically, the company will be letting Jolla handsets run Android apps through ACL technology, which will enable them to run software built outside MeeGo’s traditional bounds — potentially bringing in apps from Android and Qt as well as those built in HTML5.

Jolla CEO Jussi Hurmola reportedly said that the biggest obstacle in his venture – building a new app ecosystem — was avoided altogether by embracing Android.

To read the interview from Gigaom, click here.