Medio Systems Walking on Clouds with New Analytics Solution

The “cloud” is getting crowded. That much is evident from the number of companies turning to cloud-based solutions for a wide variety of products and services, the latest of which is a exceedingly useful solution from Medio Systems, Inc.

On Friday, the well-known provider of applied predictive analytics technologies and products announced the launch of the Medio inGenius Suite, “a comprehensive, big data analytics solution for discovering revenue opportunities in customer usage patterns on connected devices.”

In other words, it’s a cloud-based analytics tool – and a powerful one at that.

The inGenius Suite lets companies gather deep customer insights and to deliver more relevant and actionable content and services to their customers.

In the past, implementing advanced customer segmentation and analytics solutions required committing big investments in hardware, software and analytics departments, which only large organizations could afford. The introduction of the cloud-based Medio inGenius Suite dramatically changes the analytics landscape, allowing companies and developers of all sizes and technical-skill levels to benefit from advanced predictive analytics for connected applications and services.

“We founded Medio on the idea that great user experiences ultimately drive business value and new revenue opportunities for companies,” said Rob Lilleness, CEO of Medio Systems. “We’ve spent the last five years developing advanced engineering and data science technologies specifically for understanding customer behavior across connected device applications and services, Fortune 500 and emerging growth companies have utilized our technology.”

“We believe Medio is the largest cloud-based analytics solution for connected devices in the world,” Lilleness says, “with more than 105+ million unique users, 550+ million daily events and 15+ billion recommendations served on more than 10,000 different mobile devices.”