Medialets Partners With Dynamic Logic For Unique Analysis & “Actionable Insight”

Medialets today announced a new partnership with Dynamic Logic, a mobile advertising metrics firm that provides a unique analytics platform dubbed “AdIndex.”

AdIndex goes well beyond basic campaign metrics to provide analysis and actionable insights that help brand marketers understand how mobile ad campaigns perform on traditional brand metrics, such as  brand awareness, ad awareness, message association, brand favorability, and purchase intent.  Together with Medialets’ engagement metrics, advertisers have a comprehensive view into how their campaigns are performing on every level imaginable.

Basic campaign metrics are easy to come by, but digging deeper to fully understand how your ads and overall campaigns are performing is another story.  Through this partnership, advertisers will gain access to a unique measurement solution which directly ties together ad engagement and brand impact. Medialets and Dynamic Logic will be using WPP’s Safecount to power the technical integration, enabling relevant data points to be combined into one analysis. This type of data innovation in mobile is the first of its kind allowing clients to understand the full picture surrounding campaign effectiveness by exploring the relationship between ad interaction and changes in attitudes towards the brand and intent to purchase.

“We’re excited to offer AdIndex for Mobile in addition to our standard analytics that measure impressions and click-through rate as well as custom engagements and post-click data,” said Medialets CEO Eric Litman. “Partnering with Dynamic Logic allows us to help our clients understand not only how the consumer engages with an ad but how they react and recall the brand message after they use the device.”

Announcements like this are why I like Medialets’ approach to mobile advertising.  They know what advertisers want in terms of creative and measurement, and instead of trying to build out the many attributes themselves, they partner with leaders in their respective niches.  We’ve covered several of Medialets’ recent partnership announcements, and every one of them make strategic sense in bolstering their core product offering.