Medialets Launches “Enrich” To Channel Unique Cross-Platform Rich Media Ads To Other Ad-Networks

Medialets Launches Enrich To Channel Unique Cross-Platform Rich Media Ads To Other Ad-NetworksMedialets today announced a new preferred partner program called “Enrich” to make the company’s rich media ad formats available across a broader array of iPhone, iPad and Android apps by channeling them through other mobile ad-networks.

Medialets has placed a lot of emphasis on creating highly unique ad-units for iPhone, iPad and Android apps and has become by far the most widely deployed, network independent mobile rich media solution for premium publishers to sell their own rich media ad inventory.  To further it’s reach and availability, the company’s new “Enrich” partner program makes its ad-units available to a wide range of ad solutions providers.

By partnering with Medialets through its Enrich program, ad-networks can enable advertisers to run a single set of ad creatives without changes across an exceptionally broad range of mobile properties.  Additionally, advertisers can consistently measure the success of their mobile in-app rich media campaigns through a unified set of reports.

In a blog post today, Medialets spells out the primary advantages to utilizing its new partner program;

  • More distribution: Brands can now run the same rich creative on the broadest range of apps through Medialets top-tier publisher clients and Medialets Enrich-certified ad networks, mediators and ad servers.
  • Cross-platform support: Medialets rich media ad platform allows brands to create HTML5 rich media ads that can run on iPhone, iPad, & Android devices, with more device support to come.
  • Mobile App Ready: Medialets ad units take advantage of the advanced hardware features available to mobile applications, including the accelerometer, GPS and other features, and always keep consumers in the application when they click through to mobile landing pages.
  • Creative services: Medialets provides tools and creative support to help advertisers take full advantage of the unique capabilities of mobile rich media, while also ensuring they maintain full creative control of their campaigns.
  • Immediate availability: There’s no reason for advertisers and agencies to put their mobile campaigns on hold; all benefits of Medialets Enrich™ are available to advertisers and agencies today.

This is a very smart move for Medialets.  The company has created killer ad-units for use in mobile apps, including the innovative “Shakeable Ad” for iPhone, and making that innovation available to any ad-network that wants to support it will only further its ever-growing reach.

The company has already signed AdMeld, Jumptap, Mojiva, Nexage and Ringleader Digital to the new partner program, with many more likely to follow.  This will definitely be one to keep your eyes on in terms of what other ad-networks follow suite, and the continued effectiveness of its ad-units.