Medialets Introduces Private Mobile Ad Marketplace

On Tuesday, Medialets – a mobile-centric media advertising platform – launched Medialets Private Marketplace. According to the company, this “fully transparent buying platform” lets advertisers directly plan, buy, execute and measure brand advertising on the mobile properties of the world’s top publishers.

Medialets currently supports more than 20 billion monthly impressions.

Consequently, the savvy firm is promising with no shortage of credibility to deliver significant efficiency to buying premium inventory at scale, uniquely providing agencies and advertisers with a platform that supports direct, guaranteed and reserved buys in addition to real time bidding (RTB) with full transparency on a per placement basis.

The new platform grants advertisers complete control at every stage of the campaign process–offering flexible purchasing options, a centralized repository for ad specs and placement data, the full spectrum of display ad units, campaign management and delivery, and comprehensive performance reports–all through a single point of contact.

“Medialets has worked closely with the world’s leading brands, agencies and publishers to set an exceptionally high bar for creative, high-value rich media advertising on smartphones and tablets,” says said Eric Litman, CEO of Medialets. “Along the way, we’ve gained a unique perspective into both the factors that make mobile the world’s most powerful advertising medium, as well as those operational details that challenge agencies to profitably build their mobile businesses at pace with client demand. The launch of Medialets Private Marketplace represents a critical milestone in simplifying large-scale brand buying in mobile, and gives publishers the full control to manage, grow and enrich their most valuable advertiser partnerships.”