Medialets Debuts New “Adaptables” Rich Media Mobile Ad-Units For iOS Devices

Medialets has been busy lately.  After announcing their unique mobile ad-formats are now available internationally, the company today announced a brand new expandable ad-unit tailored for iOS devices — and in particular the increased screen real estate available on the iPad.

The new ad-format, called Medialets “Adaptables” are designed to provide unprecedented control of both how and where mobile rich media creative displays.  With Adaptables, it’s now possible to define exactly where the expanding content displays on the screen; creative can expand to the left, right, above, below, on top of and – perhaps most interestingly – even disconnected from the initial banner.  The expanded content displays gradually to create a “growable” banner, for example, and supports transparency to ensure the creative possibilities aren’t limited to standard shapes.

The format is available for all iOS devices, but it’s especially suited for iPads and other tablet devices where the full potential can be realized.  Imagine an ad that’s placed in the bottom right corner of the screen that expands to the full width of the display when triggered.  Here’s some examples of what’s possible:

Created using HTML5, the new ad-units retain all the same capabilities and functionality Medialets has always offered — ones the company says continually drive double-digit engagement rates for other Medialets mobile rich media campaigns, including:

  • Unique mobile capabilities like pinching, tapping, swiping, tilting, vibrating and shaking.
  • Popular interactions such as video, audio, quizzes and data collection.
  • Auto-expansion, to deliver even more immersive creative experiences.
  • “Orientation-smart” creative, to adjust based on the orientation of the device.
  • In-app browser, to enable click-through to a landing page without leaving device.
  • And of course, Medialets provides the same deep, accurate campaign analytics available for all Medialets ad formats.

The new Adaptable banners are available now with Medialets Universal SDK for iOS version 2.4, released this week.  More information can be found here.