Medialets Debuts “Muse,” A New Collaborative, Rich Media Mobile Advertising Platform

Mobile advertising solutions provider Medialets today launched a brand new platform aimed at significantly reducing the time and resources it takes to launch rich media display advertising campaigns.

“Let’s just come out and say it: display advertising is harder than it should be, and the more interactive the ad, the harder things get,” the company said in a blog post announcing the new platform.  “From building the creative to managing the launch process, there are so many moving parts that without tight attention to detail and a well-defined execution path, it’s easy for things to go astray.  And far too often, they do.”

The new platform, dubbed “Muse,” is the first comprehensive creative dashboard for rich media advertising that provides everything advertisers and publishers need to create fantastic, highly engaging rich media ads in as little as 15 minutes.   For more complex ads, Muse offers the industry’s first collaborative workspace for project managing the details of a campaign launch.

The platform consists of a creative builder that simplifies the enormous complexity of making ads work cross-platform, along with a library that includes what the company is calling “Blueprints.”  Put simply, Blueprints are extremely rich ads that can be customized to a brand in a matter of a few clicks.  For media agencies, Blueprints are a fast track to launching a results-driven ad even if there’s little to no creative budget for a campaign, for example.

The rich media creative that Medialets serves consistently produces double-digit engagement rates for advertisers, and the company wanted to take its formula for success, streamline the process and offer it all through an easy-to-use platform.  In addition, Muse also offers a collaborative interface that keeps all participants in a campaign – on both the buy and sell side – fully in sync.  Centralized commenting, timelines and email alerts, review and approval features, and a shared asset library keep everyone on a campaign focused on the launch and up to date on exactly what needs to get done.

For much more information on the new platform, visit this slideshare presentation.