Mediafed Aims to Reinvent the RSS Feed

On Thursday, the team at Mediafed – a global leader in RSS monetization – announced the launch of a reinvented RSS feed.

The revamp will allow newspapers and publishers to generate revenue while adapting to the mobile and social consumer behaviors.

The company says that its new service – dubbed Qrius – will become the new syndication button for major online media brands as it “seamlessly sends feeds to social newsreader, Taptu, while making money for publishers through advertising.”

So far, Qrius is off to a promising start, securing 50 major publishers including IDG UK, Reuters China, Le Compulenta, Bild and India Today.

With over 200 million users and a five-year history of profitably monetizing feeds for over 2,000 premium publishers worldwide, Mediafed, through the launch of Qrius, is delivering what big media publishers have asked for: A way to build both audiences and revenue in the cross-device digital age.

“Qrius is the future of RSS – now publishers will actually make money off content syndication, especially in the critical mobile arena, while consumers will have an easy, convenient way to follow their favorite news sites,” says Mediafed and Taptu CEO, Ashley Harrison. “We believe this solution satisfies both publishers and consumers needs and has the potential to capture a massive global market and make Qrius the new syndication button on every major online media outlet.”