MediaBrix Expands, Takes Mobile Targeting Platform to UK

MediaBrix Expands, Takes Mobile Targeting Platform to UKMediaBrix has taken its show on the road.

The company, known for delivering cross-platform ad campaigns that create emotional connections between brands and humans, has opened an office in the UK. Ryan Carter will serve as Managing Director, UK and head up the new digs in London.

“The move allows MediaBrix to continue bringing the highest standards of mobile brand advertising to a burgeoning market,” the company says. “With extensive sales experience in the mobile advertising space, Carter will help some of Europe’s top brands achieve a deeper emotional connection with their mobile audiences using the highly effective MediaBrix platform.”

The move is well timed. Spending for mobile advertising is on the upswing in the UK, with an expected £3.26 billion total spend this year. Adoption rates are expected to rise not only in the UK, but also across Europe, according to Juniper Research, which recently forecasted global mobile ad spend surging to $105 billion by 2019 — about 44 percent of total digital ad spend.

“UK and European marketers are seeking a more effective way to reach their prospects on mobile devices in a manner that builds brand loyalty and establishes that human connection. With Ryan’s experience coupled with MediaBrix’s successful platform, we are ready to demonstrate to local and pan-European brands how they can achieve this,” said Ari Brandt, CEO and co-founder of MediaBrix. “As mobile ad spending continues to increase, so should brands’ confidence that they are reaching their audience in a way that builds a connection, not disrupts them.”

Carter, who was Agency Sales Director at Tapjoy in the UK before coming to MediaBrix, was instrumental in bringing new business revenue growth from many London agencies and is expected to work the same magic for his new firm.

MediaBrix has a suite of proprietary engagement products that deliver “dynamic and immersive brand messages during BreakThrough Moments based on a user’s state of mind.” The company recently received viewability verification from the Media Relations Council (MRC). It guarantees 100 percent viewable impressions on all brand campaigns, backed by a recent partnership with Moat.