Mediabistro Touts Launch of Three New Online Training Courses

In today’s media climate where everyone’s a publisher and news competes with brands and personalities, it has become ever more important for communications professionals to evolve their skills to tackle emerging trends.

So how do you acquire or cultivate those skills? We may have an answer.

Crafted by industry experts, Mediabistro’s new courses—Check Yourself: Quick, Simple and Thorough Fact-Checking, Content Marketing, and Social Media Marketing—delve into three critical facets of the media profession and provide an up-to-date guide for navigating the new industry standards.

“It’s important for us to continue to expand our course offerings to include skills applicable to the many growing sectors of the professional media community,” explains Zovig Garboushian, Mediabistro Director of Professional Development.

Check Yourself: Quick, Simple and Thorough Fact Checking: With media credibility at an all-time low, shrinking news staffs, and thousands of writers publishing stories on platforms that have no editorial standards, fact-checking has never been more important yet so neglected. This course covers the basics of fact-checking—from how to fact-check to understanding the difference between primary and secondary sources, best practices for correcting mistakes and everything in between—and helps writers understand the importance of establishing their credibility through accurate reporting. Check Yourself is led by Sharon Bloyd-Peshkin, associate professor of journalism at Columbia College Chicago.

Content Marketing: Led by Washington D.C. based content strategist McLean Robbins, Content Marketing is the ideal course for anyone who is interested in learning how to build a brand through content and storytelling. Students will learn the foundations of effective content, how to identify and evaluate high-quality content, and write a content brief.

Social Media Marketing: Curated by media maven Dana Johnson, the Social Media Marketing course teaches the five elements of successful social media marketing, how to capitalize on social trends and how to use data productively, providing students with the knowledge to develop efficient and creative campaigns.

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