Media6Degrees Announces Acquisition of EveryScreen Media

Media6Degrees Announces Acquisition of EveryScreen MediaOn Tuesday, MMW learned from sources at Media6Degrees that the advertising technology company and maker of the ProspectRank platform has acquired mobile media-buying and targeting company EveryScreen Media.

The deal, we’re told, serves to provide m6d’s customers with vastly expanded mobile advertising capabilities, further enhancing their ability to efficiently identify and engage audiences across all digital media channels at scale.

The purchase accelerates the company’s strategy to provide its customers with the most intelligent way to predictably drive brand results.

“Consumers are mobile, and understanding their brand preferences outside the browser is critical to marketers,” says Tom Phillips, CEO of m6d. “For the past two years, m6d and ESM have partnered successfully to provide scalable audience and contextual solutions that help brands connect with consumers in any relevant environment. Now is the right time to combine massive data sets from both browsers and devices to establish multi-platform intelligence for directing marketing messages. The acquisition of ESM is a natural extension of our existing business and core strengths.”

“We’re thrilled to be part of m6d, a company that has pioneered the use of massive quantities of atomic data to provide powerful marketing solutions,” adds Bob Geiman, former CEO of EveryScreen Media. “Since day one, ESM has helped companies access their audiences on mobile devices at scale. We’re looking forward to contributing our technology to a solution for marketers that has unprecedented power and dimension.”