mCordis, Waterfall Form The Connected Marketer Institute Cross-Channel Messaging Council

comScore U.S. Smartphone Ownwership Nears 200 MillionEarly Tuesday, MMW was privy to an advance look at this morning’s announcement from  The Connected Marketer Institute (TCM Institute) along with Waterfall, the leading cloud mobile marketing platform.

This morning, the respective partners announced the formation of the TCM Institute Cross-Channel Messaging Council.

Waterfall’s Head of Strategy, Matt Silk alongside Rob Crews, former CMO of Ovation Brands and Church’s Chicken and currently a consultant to the industry, will chair the council.

From Tuesday’s formal announcement:

The TCM Institute Cross-Channel Messaging Council will focus on developing and advancing the value, strategies, and execution tactics for cross-channel messaging between marketers and the indivudals they serve. The council will accomplish these goals by forming a multi-disciplinary group consisting of marketing leaders from brands, marketing technology providers, media and industry associates. The council will focus on framing the cross-channel messaging landscape and developing educational programming, best practices and recommended standards.

“Today’s marketing budgets and resources tend to focus on the ‘tried and true’ methods to engage and influence people, like advertising and email, despite declining effectiveness in both channels.,” said Silk. “There is clear evidence that connecting with people at the right place, right time, with the right content, through the right channel drives improved business results. Though it may sound a bit cliché, the addition of channel is new and troubling to an already overwhelmed marketer. The Cross-Channel Messaging Council will be the first council dedicated to explaining how critical cross-channel messaging is to a brands strategy and their ability to move brand engagement from rented to owned media channels.”

Anyone wanting to learn more are encouraged to visit The Connected Marketer Institute Councils.