McDonalds Sees Massive Success with Mobile Coupons

mcdThe most iconic name in fast food has achieved a miraculous milestone in the world of mobile coupons.

According to Mobile Marketing Magazine, McDonald’s managed to drive seven million downloads of its mobile coupon app in the first three months of its availability.

The app in question went live in September of 2015.

Company CEO Steve Easterbrook says that downloads are being fueled by customers wanting to redeem offers and coupons.

“For the first time, here at McDonald’s we have built in a trading increase, a sale, an incremental sale expectation based on our digital platform,” Easterbrook is quoted from McDonalds’ most recent earnings call. “It’s a little modest for 2016, but we’re actually contributing to the business growth. And being a platform, this is going to deliver for many years to come as we can kind of understand our consumer behavior and be more rewarding to them.”