McAfee Finds Growing Mobile Security Threats

McAfee Finds Growing Mobile Security ThreatsOn Wednesday, McAfee Labs released the McAfee Threats Report: Second Quarter 2013.

According to the alarming findings presented in the report, Android-based malware achieved a 35 percent growth rate not seen since early 2012.

“This rebound was marked by the continued proliferation of SMS-stealing banking malware, fraudulent dating and entertainment apps, weaponized legitimate apps and malicious apps posing as useful tools,” an announcement from the security software maker reveals.

McAfee Labs registered twice as many new ransomware samples in Q2 as in Q1, raising the 2013 ransomware count higher than the total found in all previous periods combined.

The second quarter also saw a 16 percent increase in suspicious URLs, a 50 percent increase in digitally-signed malware samples, and notable events in the cyber-attack and espionage areas, including multiple attacks on the global Bitcoin infrastructure and revelations around the Operation Troy network targeting U.S. and South Korean military assets.

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