Mastering Mobile: New Report Provides Actionable Ideas for Success Via the ‘Always On’ Screen

Mastering Mobile New Report Provides Actionable Ideas for Success Via the ‘Always On’ ScreenAnalytics firm Millward Brown Digital has just released its “Getting Mobile Right” report, identifying some optimal mobile strategies for marketers.

“Marketers are expected to invest nearly $20 billion in mobile marketing in 2015, but many are still struggling with the optimal approach,” said Stephen DiMarco, President of Millward Brown Digital. “Like all new marketing opportunities, getting mobile right starts with understanding the consumer.”

Now that mobile screen time has lapped TV, it is clear that this 24/7 opening presents opportunities for marketers. The report highlights key mobile concepts and offers tips for maximizing the mobile advantage.

“Understanding where and how consumers use mobile is critical to successfully engaging them – social, location and apps all play a role,” the firm says.

Over one-third (34 percent) of shoppers perform shopping related activities on their mobile devices while in-store. Twenty three percent use a mobile phone in-store use a social network. More than half of them use the social network for product or brand discovery or for peer feedback on purchases rather than for socializing.

What does the report note as characteristics of top performer ads?

  1. Top performing mobile display ads feature consistent branding, a simple color palette, a focused message and a perceived value to the consumer.
  2. Best-in-class mobile video ads intrigue consumers by starting a story but not telling the whole story. They also work best when they combine video with an interactive layer, use simple and clear messages and aim for a strong emotional response.
  3. Synergy between creative and media is key – mobile campaigns deliver within the target audience more than half the time, compared to one-third of the time for online.

“It’s important that marketers begin to transition ‘mobile’ from a buzzword to a key component of their marketing strategies,” said DiMarco. “This report provides that deeper insight needed to help marketers get mobile right.”

For more information on Getting Mobile Right and to download a copy of the report, click here.