MasterCard Makes Major Moves in Mobile PayPass Software Development

Although Apple did it’s part to keep NFC down with its recent launch of the iPhone 5, nothing can stop this burgeoning technology from marching forward.

To that end, one of the world’s leading credit providers, MasterCard, is making it easier for developers to deliver mobile payment options to the mobile masses.

MasterCard is busy touting the Mobile MasterCard PayPass User Interface Software Development Kit (UI SDK) for Android and BlackBerry OS 7 mobile operating systems.

The consumer credit giant says it’s free to license and available globally.

This new toolkit helps issuers, mobile network operators and third party developers rapidly build innovative new mobile applications that give consumers the speed and convenience of PayPassTap-and-Go contactless payments – directly from their smartphone.

Despite the iPhone 5 setback referenced above, MasterCard is quick to point out that the availability of NFC-equipped phones is rapidly increasing, with over 70 models already approved by MasterCard as Mobile PayPass compatible devices.

According to Juniper Research, payments from NFC-equipped phones are expected to be responsible for sales exceeding $75 billion by 2013.

“Consumers are gaining comfort and familiarity with mobile and contactless payments, requiring the financial institutions and mobile network operators that offer these services to ensure a consistent and positive experience,” says Mung Ki Woo, an executive with MasterCard. “As we continue to lead the industry with mobile and contactless payments innovations, we saw an opportunity to simultaneously help our partners and improve the overall user experience. Our first-ever UI SDK provides smart tools and makes it easier for our partners to issue a complete contactless payment solution on mobile.”