MasterCard Introduces Mobile Platform in US

Maxing out your credit card? Ten Grand. Ending payoff balance? Twenty Grand.

Launching a payment platform to optimize business? Priceless.

For MasterCard, the financial services giant, there’s a big launch planned for the US later this month.

MasterCard announced its on-demand, person-to-person Mobile MoneySend payment platform will go live within the next two weeks.

According to the official word, “the Mobile MoneySend platform enables bank customers to offer P2P payments to their customers. Users can send and receive funds via SMS, mobile web, downloadable mobile application or PC, linking their mobile phone number to a MasterCard prepaid card issued by Bancorp. MasterCard adds that as more issuers enroll for the platform, their customers will be able to use MoneySend with their everyday accounts, including MasterCard debit, credit, prepaid or checking, as determined by their issuer.”

This week, CNBC reported that the major credit card companies (ranging from Visa to American Express) are stepping up efforts in the mobile world to attract new customers. MasterCard is certainly on board with this agenda, a development born in partnership with mobile payment solutions provider Obopay.

If you can’t wait, the platform is already available across the Asia Pacific, Middle East, and parts of Africa.