Marriott Makes a Play for Millennials with New Mobile Innovations

Marriott Makes a Play for Millennials with New Mobile InnovationsHotel brands have had a hard time marketing themselves to he rising generation of consumers. Marriott, however, has started implementing some changes to their hotels as Millennials are about to become one of the primary money-spending demographics across the realms of travel and hospitality.

The folks at Marriott have taken a good, hard look at research on Millennials and what they discovered is that Millennials love travel (in fact, they average two times as many business trips as those over the age of 45.)

For most Millennials, however, staying in a hotel is a luxury, and that means they want the experience to be luxurious, without necessarily having to pay for luxury prices. So far, few brands have been able to capture the attention of the Millennial. Nonetheless, as Forbes recently profiled in-depth, Marriott has made a play for this demographic by make two simple introductions. First, app integration—an app that makes it easy to book hotels rooms and even make requests or ask for room changes.

Second, wireless charging for all those hip devices that the young kids are carrying around today. Additionally, Marriott has taken a survey of Millennials and asked what kinds of changes they’d like to see. Responses have ranged from healthier snacks on hand to beehives on hotel roofs to help protect the honeybee.

If the team at Marriott continues to listen to these suggestions, they will likely become the overwhelming hotel favorite among individuals born after 1982.