Marqii, the First Mobile Business Platform, Goes Live

iphonecomppeachMarqii has just introduced the first mobile business platform, using location data to make direct-to-consumer advertising of specials and promotions “affordable and available to local establishments.”

Marqii, the innovators behind the offering tell us, is the digital upgrade and compliment to the marquee/chalkboard street sign for local businesses to promote daily specials & happy hours.

Avi Goren, the CEO and Co-Founder of Marqii, says local bars, restaurants and other businesses “generally can’t afford conventional advertising in newspapers, TV or radio. Marqii gives businesses the power to reach their neighborhood mobile traffic, increase foot traffic and provide real-time incentives.”

Traditionally, small local businesses have relied on coupons, costly mailers and collateral materials to entice customer interest with limited returns. While some have attempted to create digital incentives, the process often becomes too complicated for the average business owner to operate and maintain.

“For just $2-$4 per day, Marqii will deliver marketing messages to potential customers looking for a special whether it’s a happy hour, 2 for 1 tacos, or even a steak dinner when and where they are searching,” the company says.

“Marqii’s mission is to create a business-friendly ecosystem built on results and immediate solutions,” says Goren.

Beginning in January 2017, local businesses in the New York City area will be able to sign up for the platform.