Marketo Says New ABM Offering ‘Empowers’ Marketing and Sales Teams

abm-2-775x475Marketo, Inc., a top provider of engagement marketing software and solutions, recently announced the availability of Marketo Account-Based Marketing (ABM).

ABM, we’re told, brings together sales and marketing teams to “target, engage, and measure key accounts in a highly coordinated fashion.”

Marketo ABM is the only solution that offers all the essentials for ABM success natively within a single, proven marketing automation platform.

“While marketing and sales teams have long been doing account targeting, the technology hasn’t been available to reach and engage accounts – and the decision makers within them – in a coordinated, scalable way from one place,” said Chandar Pattabhiram, CMO of Marketo. “Built natively within the Marketo platform, Marketo ABM provides account teams with all of the necessary tools to discover, manage, engage, and analyze the accounts with the most revenue potential, thus driving revenue from their most valuable accounts and delivering higher return on their sales and marketing investments.”

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