Marketo Acquires Sales Engagement Platform ToutApp

MMW learned Friday that Marketo, Inc., a leading provider of engagement marketing software and solutions, has acquired ToutApp, a sales engagement software company based in San Francisco.

If you’re not familiar, ToutApp provides sales teams with sales campaign, content management, and analytics software to engage prospective customers in a personalized way to drive revenue growth.

The acquisition, we’re told, “strengthens Marketo’s position as a leader in engagement.”

“Brands that win today engage customers in a meaningful way at every step of the journey and this requires coordinated execution across the entire enterprise, particularly within sales and marketing,” said Steve Lucas, chief executive officer, Marketo. “I’m thrilled to welcome TK and his team at ToutApp to Marketo, where together, we’ll enable marketing and sales teams to drive revenue and demand seamlessly.”

Since its inception, Marketo has focused on bringing sales and marketing together around customer engagement. ToutApp’s solutions, together with Marketo’s Engagement Platform, enable marketing to partner even more closely with sales to listen, learn, and engage with customers and prospects at scale across all channels and touchpoints.

“ToutApp and Marketo share a similar vision for empowering sales and marketing teams for success in the Engagement Economy,” said Tawheed (TK) Kader, founder and chief executive officer of ToutApp. “We’re excited to join Marketo and further our shared mission of delivering exceptional customer and prospect engagement.”