Marketing Spotlight: Amy Jo Johnson Launches Innovative and Interactive Contest for The Space Between

One of the entertainment industry’s most enduring and innovative talents, Amy Jo Johnson, has just launched a new online competition called “The Space Between Super Host Theatrical Tour.”

In the fall of 2014, the actress, writer, producer and filmmaker successfully funded her third film project (The Space Between) in two years on Indiegogo.

Indiegogo, if you’re not familiar, is a digital crowd funding platform for artists, entrepreneurs and tech makers all looking to bring their projects to life with a little help from a supportive community of believers and backers.

Now, Johnson is once again giving back to fans who continue to support not only her endeavors but also the spirit of independent film-making.

As for the competition, 8 winners will be chosen to host a special one night screening of The Space Between with Amy Jo Johnson in their hometown. These fortunate few will be announced end of April and the film will go on tour Summer 2017, a provided statement reads.

The contest is open from March 15th – April 1st 2017. As for how the competition works, here’s what we can tell you:

The Space Between team will take care of all the logistics of booking the theater and the 8 winners will
take home 5% of Producers Box Office earnings for their screening and spend the evening with Amy Jo
as the Host of event.

Want to be among the lucky 8? Then get your smartphones or video cameras ready.

Applicants must submit a pitch video “describing why they want to host the film and Amy Jo Johnson in
their hometown and how they plan to bring their friends, family, and community out to the screening
that night.”

Applications can be submitted through The Space Between Website.

For more insight about the contest and the fantastic new film at the center of it all, check out the video shared below.