Marketing Personalization is Lacking Down Under

Marketing Personalization is Lacking Down UnderAccording to the latest studies performed across Australia and New Zealand, marketers understand the importance of personalization, yet most are falling short of delivering on the goods when push comes to shove.

“Personalization is a common practice among Australian and New Zealand marketers, but it’s a practice that remains simplistic and which is largely limited to email,” reads a report summary from SiteCore, a provider of customer experience management software.

The study found 61 percent of marketers work for organizations which currently personalize at least some of their customer experiences and 20 per cent believe personalization is a high priority within their marketing strategy.  The strong interest in personalization is borne from success, with two-thirds of marketers confirming that it has been responsible for improving campaign results.

All told, the report finds, email is the most common form of personalized customer experience interaction, used by seven in ten organizations.

“Of those using personalization, eight in ten state that the practice delivers significantly improved results compared to non-personalize email campaigns,” SiteCore explains, ” Only four in ten marketers personalize their main, mobile or micro website interactions, and less than two in ten personalize activity over the staff intranet or secure portal.”

To learn more about the study and those who produced it, check out the SiteCore website here.