Marketing Movers and Shakers: Teams with Celltick Inc., a cloud-based mobile rewards platform provider, recently announced that it has entered into a partnership with mobile marketing company Celltick.

The news was confirmed in a statement shared with MMW.

According to the details provided, Perk will partner with Celltick as the firm’s global rewards provider for their Start app, a customizable Android interface that helps device manufacturers, mobile operators and media companies to engage with their users, gain new insights and differentiate themselves while providing higher value to their users.

Perk Rewards will become available through the Start app first in the United States and India, and expand into other regions over time.

“Celltick is a pioneer in the mobile marketing space and through our collaboration we will be able to further expand our market-leading mobile rewards program to a larger, global audience,” says Adam Salamon, Chief Operating Officer of Perk. “In return, by offering rewards Celltick will be able to provide more value for their customers and increase user retention.”