Marketing Gets Colorful in Online Auto Shopping

Marketing Gets Colorful in Online Auto ShoppingThanks to the dawn of the digital age, car shoppers will never again find themselves naively setting foot on a car lot, browsing the available array of automobiles while simultaneously falling prey to the charming ways of the unctuous car salesman.

Today, car shopping is an increasingly digital experience. Consequently, digital and mobile marketers in the automobile industry have many considerations when crafting campaigns and facilitating an online presence that is attractive, transparent, and valuable to consumers.

One of the considerations that digital marketers are encouraged to be mindful of is color.

Yes, something as simple as color can be very impactful in both the car shopping and car marketing experience.

According to the team at OpenBook Autos – a well-respected dealership with an outstanding website showcasing used cars for sale in Utah – recently published an intriguing infographic that dishes on the stats and significance of color when it comes to cars.

So what can digital marketers learn from the insightful info? Check out the visual below to find out.