Marketers Will Zero In On Mobile and Consumer-Generated Content Strategies in 2017

student-849825_960_720Marketers are already gearing up for 2017 and a new survey reveals what that might look like.

According to the New York American Marketing Association (NYAMA) and BrandSpark, which worked in conjunction with global data visualization firm Dapresy, marketers will “make big investments in technologies to improve mobile marketing effectiveness and consumer-generated content strategies over the next six to 12 months.”

More than 650 marketers from a wide range of industry sectors across the U.S. were surveyed. The marketers were asked to share their overall strategies, key tactics, challenges, successes, media spend intentions, and ROI expectations.

“Respondents believe that marketing is more important than ever before, and adopting new technologies effectively is a must to stay competitive,” said Lukas Pospichal, the managing director of GreenBook & New York AMA. “Mobile marketing was selected as the trend that will have the biggest impact on marketing in the next 12 months (and 10 years), though only 41 percent have a mobile strategy in place; another 30 percent are planning to implement within the next year.”

Content marketing/branded content, data management and analytics, and online video were cited as the growth strategies destined to be implemented (or solidified) in 2017.

“Accurately measuring ROI, as always, remains a critical challenge for marketers,” notes the report summary provided to MMW. “However, they are increasing spend on channels they perceive to offer the highest ROI. These include CRM/email marketing and social network advertising. Online video is also on the rise, but interestingly has approximately the same perceived ROI as broadcast television.”

What will suffer? Print media foremost — as usual.

“Respondents said the biggest likelihood to cut back on spending is print marketing (newspapers, flyers and magazines), OOH advertising, and radio, in large part because these channels have accounted for a large portion of budget and marketers are looking for money to fund the digital initiatives that are becoming a greater part of their overall mix,” the report adds.

Want to know more? The survey results are available online here.