Marketers Walk Thin Line Between Relevancy Demand and Privacy Concerns

walking the tightropeMarketers must find the challenge daunting. As data flow on smartphones continues to lap voice usage, they need to understand the medium and how to motivate via mobile.

But they walk a thin line at times. As a recent report from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) makes clear, consumers want relevance — but they’re not hot on giving up the personal data which would help marketers provide it.

The PwC findings are cleverly conveyed in this infographic, developed after surveying 1003 respondents 18 or older (40 percent male, 60 percent female).

What are they doing on their smartphones? A whopping 97 percent are checking news, weather, sports; 77 percent are playing a game; 87 percent are checking in with social media; and 79 percent are accessing a video site.

What irritates users most? While 30 percent complain of approaches that cross into their “personal space,” six percent lament irrelevancy. And 18 percent believe that the number of ads they’re being served is “too intrusive.”